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He served aboard the Republic with his friend Lt. When Finney made a mistake nearly catastrophic to the ship , Kirk logged the incident, which resulted in his friend being reprimanded and put to the bottom of the promotion list.

In , Kirk was promoted to lieutenant. As a young lieutenant, he visited Neural on his first planetary survey mission. Kirk met and befriended one of the planet's natives, the Hill man Tyree.

Kirk's report described a primitive but promising culture , and Starfleet endorsed him recommending a policy of non-interference.

As a phaser gun crew member, he was assigned to a phaser station. In , the Farragut engaged the dikironium cloud creature at the planet Tycho IV.

The creature killed Captain Garrovick and two hundred of the ship's crew. Farragut 's record tapes of the event included Lieutenant Kirk insisting upon blaming himself for the disaster, citing his delay in firing the ship's phaser banks at the creature as he lost consciousness.

The Farragut 's executive officer disagreed, stating, " Lieutenant Kirk is a fine young officer who performed with uncommon bravery.

In the late s, as a lieutenant, Kirk was an instructor at the Academy. Kirk's Starfleet service through the late s and early s was rewarded with a rapid rise through the ranks.

Kirk commanded the Enterprise on a historic five-year mission , from to , which made him a legend in space exploration. In addition to his overall mission statement — " to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, [etc.

Kirk was initially quartered on Deck 12 in , before moving to Deck 5, room "3F ". Kirk's first major task as captain, attempting to retrieve an extra- galactic probe in , proved to be a disaster.

Discovering a disaster recorder from the SS Valiant that described a catastrophic disaster following a visit to the galaxy 's edge, Kirk pushed on, and encountered the galactic barrier for his first time.

The Enterprise failed to breach the barrier, and barely escaped destruction. With its warp engines badly damaged, the Enterprise limped under impulse power towards the Delta Vega lithium cracking station.

The barrier triggered a transformation in Kirk's helmsman and best friend Gary Mitchell, who began developing psychic powers that progressed rapidly, with a commensurate loss of his Humanity.

Ignoring Spock advising him to destroy Mitchell immediately, Kirk hesitated until after Mitchell killed navigator Lee Kelso. On the surface of Delta Vega, Kirk hunted Mitchell, and managed to kill him only with the help of another officer undergoing the same transformation as Mitchell, Dr.

Following the tragedy, Kirk shuffled the Enterprise 's command crew. Lieutenant Commander Spock, a legacy officer from the former commander, Captain Christopher Pike, remained science officer and Kirk acknowledged him as first officer.

A new chief medical officer , Dr. Leonard McCoy , replaced Dr. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott remained chief engineer. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura became communications officer and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu was transferred to the helm.

Kirk did not settle on a regular navigator for another two years. Both captains bluffed ferociously, but Kirk's poker face held. Balok proved to be quite friendly, eager to begin a cultural exchange.

McCoy curing Kirk of polywater intoxication. While interacting with Charlie Evans , a temporary visitor to the Enterprise , Kirk demonstrated prowess with judo , and deep-rooted compassion when Charlie's "teachers" wanted to return him to an isolated existence.

Kirk repelled the first Romulan incursion into Federation space in over a century, on stardate Kirk engaged and pursued the Romulan ship, disabling it before the Romulan commander ordered his own ship's self-destruction.

Kirk and his bridge crew became the first Starfleet officers to make visual contact with a Romulan, finally revealing their appearance to Starfleet.

Roger Korby was found after years of silence, exploring and exploiting a sophisticated android manufacturing technology — the legacy of a long- dead civilization.

Korby had replaced his own damaged body, transplanting his personality into an android replica, and built himself a beautiful companion, Andrea.

Against Kirk's wishes, an android duplicate of Kirk was created too. However, the android Korby, after exhibiting madness , destroyed himself. Thomas Leighton , a fellow survivor and witness to the horror of Tarsus IV.

Leighton suspected the leader of a traveling theater troupe , actor Anton Karidian , of being Kodos "the Executioner", a man long thought dead.

After Leighton was murdered and other witnesses' deaths were revealed, Kirk convinced Anton Karidian's daughter, Lenore , to bring the acting troupe aboard the Enterprise.

Attempted murders of Kirk and Enterprise crewmember Kevin Riley another survivor led Kirk to confront Karidian who was indeed Kodos , discovering the recent killings were the acts of his mad daughter, trying to protect her tormented aging father.

Kirk became the first Federation starship captain to ever face a court martial , after he was accused of causing the death of Lt.

Commander Ben Finney, the Enterprise records officer. Kirk employed Defense Attorney Samuel T. Cogley , and Kirk's former flame Areel Shaw acted as prosecutor at his trial , which was held on Starbase 11 , convened by Commodore Stone.

Kirk was exonerated after Finney was discovered alive, having faked his death and the evidence implicating Kirk. When Spock kidnapped his former commander, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, who had been horribly crippled, and commandeered the Enterprise in , he inadvertently jeopardized Kirk's command.

After Spock locked the ship on course to Talos IV , Kirk was a member of a tribunal that tried Spock, the other members being Pike himself, and an illusion of Commodore Mendez.

Spock's crimes were in violation of General Order 7 and were punishable by death. Once it was revealed that Spock's ultimate goal was to allow Pike, a Starfleet hero, to live a semblance of normality under Talosian illusion, Starfleet declined to prosecute the matter.

When the Enterprise passed through the Omicron Delta region , Kirk hoped to arrange for his crew and himself to take some badly needed shore leave.

While Kirk and his landing party investigated a candidate planet to determine its suitability for that purpose, they were beset with manifestations of hidden desires they had.

In fact, they had discovered the Shore Leave Planet, and advanced technologies which an ancient, enigmatic species had left behind. Though immensely powerful and troublesome, Trelane was revealed to be nothing more than a child of his species , and a badly behaved one at that.

Kirk was put on trial, albeit this time in an illusory court , by Trelane. Kirk made first contact with the Gorn Hegemony and the Metrons on stardate Finding a Federation base on Cestus III destroyed and Gorn forces lying in wait, Kirk ordered the Enterprise to give chase to a Gorn starship that had been responsible for the attack, intending to destroy it.

The pursuit took the two belligerents through Metron space. The Metrons, pacifistic but powerful, interrupted the engagement and declared both sides were savages.

Kirk and the Gorn captain were removed from their respective ships by the Metrons and deposited on a desolate planetoid , where the Metrons forced the two captains to fight each other, threatening to destroy the loser's vessel.

Kirk was victorious, but refused to kill the Gorn. Kirk's act of mercy impressed the Metrons, who allowed both ships to go free. The vessel carried a group of genetically engineered Augments from Earth's Eugenics Wars , kept alive in cryogenic freeze.

Their leader, Khan Noonien Singh , seduced Enterprise historian Lieutenant Marla McGivers , revived his comrades, and attempted to steal the starship — before Kirk stopped him.

Somewhat respectful of Khan's integrity and abilities, Kirk exiled Khan and his people on planet Ceti Alpha V , where the former tyrant would have a chance to "tame a world" without threatening others.

After the Enterprise was declared a target and the crew ordered to die, Kirk destroyed the Eminiar computers, forcing them to finally treat with their enemy — or face a war that would destroy their civilization.

Accompanied by Spock and McCoy, Kirk discovered the first known silicon-based lifeform , a sentient Horta matriarch, on the mining colony Janus VI on stardate At the start of a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire , Kirk and Spock met with the Organian Council of Elders personally and attempted to convince the Organians , who were apparently primitive, to accept Federation protection.

Shortly after the planet Organia was subsequently occupied by Klingons, Kirk and Spock began conducting a guerrilla war against the Klingon occupation, but Organians abandoned their false humanoid forms and intervened, forcing an end to the interstellar war and imposing the Treaty of Organia.

Organians predicted that, in time, the antagonistic powers would eventually become friends. Responding to the Deneva colony having recently gone silent, Kirk found that a hive-mind of marauding flying parasites had killed his brother , George Samuel Kirk , and that the colony's remaining population was under their influence, causing mass insanity.

McCoy and Spock were able to develop a method of killing the exotic creatures. By this time in , Kirk had finally settled on Ensign Pavel Chekov as the Enterprise 's regular navigator.

Kirk diverted the Enterprise from an assigned ceremonial mission on Altair IV to Vulcan on stardate In the presence of the Vulcan matriarch, T'Pau , Kirk was forced to participate in Spock's marriage ceremony.

On the planet Halkan , a transporter malfunction swapped the Enterprise landing party with a corresponding landing party from a parallel " mirror universe " where a savage, oppressive, Terran Empire had replaced the United Federation of Planets.

A distress call led the Enterprise to the crippled USS Constellation after an ancient machine, deemed a " planet killer ", had nearly destroyed that starship.

After Matt Decker , a Starfleet commodore who was now mentally unbalanced, made a suicide run with a stolen shuttlecraft , Kirk piloted the Constellation inside the machine, detonating the engines and destroying the device.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discovered Zefram Cochrane , the inventor of the warp drive , missing for years, on a planetoid.

An energy being Cochrane called "the Companion " had kept him alive and young all those years. At Cochrane's request, Kirk did not log the encounter.

While visiting a Federation science colony on Gamma Hydra IV , strange radiation from a rogue comet affected Kirk and members of his party, causing rapid aging.

Kirk's accelerated dotage forced Commodore Stocker , who was visiting the Enterprise , to relieve Kirk from command of the ship until Dr.

McCoy discovered a cure. After Kirk was cured, he managed to maneuver the Enterprise out of the Neutral Zone and away from Romulan ships via a bluff.

Kirk found the contaminated society of Sigma Iotia II , based on s Chicago gang culture, puzzling at first, but he quickly warmed to it. Uniting the world's "gangs" under one "boss", the Iotians became a Federation protectorate.

Kirk returned to Neural, the site of his first Starfleet assignment, on stardate Klingons had begun supplying the primitive native villagers with firearms , leading them to war on the neighboring Hill People.

Kirk decided to supply the Hill People with similar weaponry , escalating the conflict, but putting both sides on equal footing. After John Gill failed to report in from a cultural observation mission to Ekos , the Enterprise was assigned to investigate.

Kirk found his old professor had developed an idealization of Utopian fascism and had abandoned observation for intervention, creating a Nazi -like world government that overwhelmed Gill's best intentions.

Kirk aroused the subverted Gill in time to avert Ekos' impending war with neighboring Zeon , and heard Gill recant his philosophies before he died.

Scouts from the Kelvan Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy hijacked the Enterprise for their return voyage on stardate The Enterprise , modified with Kelvan technology , became the first Federation starship known to cross the galactic barrier, briefly leaving the boundary of the Milky Way Galaxy before Kirk and his senior officers overwhelmed the Kelvans and returned to Federation space.

When an accident separated Kirk from the landing party and caused him to suffer amnesia , Spock was forced to abandon the search, in order to command the Enterprise in the interception of an asteroid on course to hit the planet.

For several months, the inhabitants worshiped Kirk as a god called " Kirok ". During that time, Kirk took a wife.

Upon the Enterprise 's return and the restoration of his memories, Kirk was able to activate an ancient planetary defense mechanism, which the Preservers had left behind, and thereby destroy the approaching asteroid.

Inexplicably to his crew, Kirk began exhibiting bizarre behavior on stardate Three Romulan starships detained the Enterprise , and Kirk and Spock met the Romulan commander aboard her ship, where Kirk's death was faked.

The ruse allowed Kirk, surgically altered to look Romulan, to infiltrate the Romulan vessel and steal its cloaking device.

Using the device, the Enterprise cloaked and escaped to Federation space, taking along the captured Romulan commander.

The entire operation had been designed to give the Federation deniability in case of failure, and place the culpability on Kirk. Kirk telekinetically controlling Alexander on Platonius.

Near Tholian space on stardate Tholian commander Loskene responded to the trespass of "recently annexed" Tholian space.

Kirk was lost in the interphase and presumed dead. The Enterprise exchanged fire with the Tholians, and the unstable region incited madness among the crew.

A second Tholian vessel joined the engagement, producing a web to ensnare the Enterprise. After various crew members witnessed Kirk's spectral image, he was retrieved from interphase, and the Enterprise used the rift to escape Tholian entrapment.

Kirk's longtime hero, Fleet Captain Garth of Izar , was committed as a patient. Garth, capable of cellular metamorphosis , assumed Kirk's form in an attempt to escape and commandeer the Enterprise.

Spock was able to determine which man was truly his captain, and Garth was returned to rehabilitation. A deadly plague struck the crew of the Enterprise before stardate Kirk fell in love with Rayna Kapec , an android Flint had built to give him company in his final days of seclusion.

Kirk, aged greatly, on the second planet in the Taurean system. An incredibly realistic simulacrum of Kirk's hero, the American President Abraham Lincoln , greeted the Enterprise on stardate Kirk, Spock, Lincoln, and Surak were pitted against the others as means for the Excalbians to understand the nature and strength of good versus evil.

Reaching the end of its five-year deployment in , Kirk ordered the Enterprise set on a course returning the ship to Earth. Several of Kirk's voyages involved travel through time, either personally through time portals or along with the entire starship Enterprise via acceleration through gravity wells.

According to the Federation's Department of Temporal Investigations , Kirk, who sometimes ignored regulations when he felt it was for the greater good, amassed seventeen separate temporal violations during his career, more than any other person on file as of His time-travel exploits were well-known enough that, when Sisko, after he and his crew returned to the 24th century, told Dulmur and Lucsly that the vessel they had encountered in the past was the first Enterprise , the two DTI investigators shrugged at the realization that it was "his" ship, which Sisko proudly confirmed.

Kirk was regarded by DTI as a "menace". When the Enterprise traveled back in time from to Earth of but was accidentally observed by the United States Air Force , Kirk, with Sulu , beamed down to a military base in Omaha , Nebraska , to destroy photographic evidence of the Enterprise 's appearance.

By warping around the sun 's gravity well in a slingshot maneuver, Kirk and his crew managed to rectify the situation and return to their own time aboard the Enterprise.

In , after experiencing violent time distortions, the Enterprise discovered the source, the Guardian of Forever. McCoy, delusional from an accidental cordrazine overdose, entered the time portal, altering history to the extent that the Federation and the Enterprise no longer existed.

Kirk found himself and Spock shelter in exchange for work, falling in love with a beautiful, idealistic benefactor, Edith Keeler.

After Spock discovered that McCoy had prevented history's recorded death of Keeler, Kirk was forced to restrain the doctor from saving her life again, the price for restoring the timeline.

In , Kirk was ordered to repeat the recently proven slingshot maneuver, taking the Enterprise back to on a mission of historical observation.

Intercepting enigmatic agent Gary Seven , Kirk attempted to stop his interference, but eventually cooperated with Seven's effort to avert a nuclear exchange between the United States of America and the Soviet Union.

A visit to the planet Sarpeidon , doomed by its sun's impending nova , revealed that the Sarpeidans had escaped en masse into their own planet's past via their Atavachron time portal.

The harried and ubiquitous Atoz mistook Kirk, Spock, and McCoy for tardy natives, and he thrust them into the planet's past. In , Kirk and Spock used the Guardian of Forever a second time, on a mission of historical observation to the dawn of Orion civilization.

Upon their return, no-one but Kirk recognized Spock as the Enterprise first officer. Supposedly killed in his childhood, Spock returned to the Vulcan of his youth, playing the role of a nearly forgotten cousin who had saved his life during the kahs-wan , a Vulcan coming-of-age ordeal.

Kirk's successful mission resulted in his promotion to rear admiral and a posting as Chief of Starfleet Operations at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco for the following two and a half years.

With Spock leaving Starfleet to return to Vulcan to purge all emotion, Kirk recommended Will Decker to replace him as Enterprise captain while the ship underwent an extensive refit at the San Francisco Fleet Yards , but he told Decker how envious he was and how much he hoped to find a way to get a starship command again.

In the mid- s , V'ger , an energy cloud assimilating information from and destroying objects in its path, threatened Earth. The only starship positioned to intercept it was the Enterprise , her refit nearly complete but still awaiting trial runs.

After convincing Admiral Nogura that he was the best man to meet the threat, Kirk rushed the Enterprise into service, assuming the rank of captain for the duration of the mission.

Decker regarded Kirk's command as an insult and a mistake, and pointed to his recent desk service and unfamiliarity with the ship's new systems, but the younger man fulfilled his duty as first officer.

The entity proved to be the late 20th century NASA space probe Voyager 6 , having amassed great power and self-awareness in its travels.

When Kirk and his party discovered the true nature of V'ger and negotiated a visit to the actual probe itself, located at the heart of the 'V'ger' vessel, Decker used the opportunity, with V'ger 's protection, to fulfill his wish to merge with the V'ger entity through the simulacrum of his lover Ilia , thereby uniting V'ger 's mechanical nature with its Human origins.

The union resulted in the birth of a radically new, and benign, lifeform. Following the success of this mission, Kirk commanded the Enterprise in the mid-to-late s.

His quarters were on deck 5. Kirk retired from Starfleet albeit briefly sometime before to pursue a number of personal goals and affairs, namely his relationship with a woman named Antonia.

Kirk returned to Starfleet in and took a position in the admiralty , supervising command-track cadets at Starfleet Academy among his duties. The lack of a center seat gnawed at him, until he began to express discontent in his latest posting.

If only for the chance to be back in space on his beloved former ship, he eagerly boarded the Enterprise , now commanded by Captain Spock, as an observer to a cadet training cruise.

A call from Dr. Carol Marcus alerted the Enterprise , which changed course to investigate. Despite Kirk's somewhat half-hearted protests, Spock insisted on deferring his command to Admiral Kirk, quipping that as a Vulcan "he had no ego to bruise".

The subsequent engagement with his old enemy was tumultuous for Kirk, including a near-disastrous blunder disregarding Starfleet regulations quoted by Saavik that nearly doomed his ship and crew, a meeting with his estranged son, David Marcus , a difficult subsequent battle with Khan, and the resulting death of his friend of twenty years, Spock.

Kirk's return to Earth in was solemn. The loss of Spock affected Kirk deeply, and McCoy began to show signs of mental illness.

Planning to return to the Genesis Planet after his battle-damaged starship was fully repaired, Kirk's hopes were dashed when Commander, Starfleet Admiral Morrow announced that the Enterprise would soon be decommissioned.

Kirk's senior officers rallied to him, conspiring to rescue McCoy and steal the Enterprise from Earth Spacedock in order to recover Spock's body from the Genesis Planet and to bring it, and his katra , to Vulcan.

After setting an auto-destruct sequence, Kirk and his crew abandoned the ship for the surface. The Enterprise was destroyed, taking a Klingon boarding party along with it.

The Search for Spock. After three months of exile on Vulcan, Kirk and his crew departed aboard the Bird-of-Prey renamed HMS Bounty for Earth, to face their charges of violating nine Starfleet General orders and regulations.

During the voyage, a mysterious probe besieged Earth and communicated only in whale song. After answering the planetary distress signal and determining the probe's objective, Kirk used the slingshot effect to take the Bounty back in time to San Francisco.

With the help of cetacean biologist Dr. Gillian Taylor , Kirk successfully obtained the humpback whales George and Gracie and returned with them to By providing the whales that could answer the probe's query, Kirk redeemed Humanity's extermination of a sentient species, and saved Earth from an environmental catastrophe.

Following the Whale Probe incident, the Federation president declared to Kirk, " we are forever in your debt ". In light of their recent heroics, all charges facing his crew were dismissed, but one remained against Admiral Kirk: Kirk's punishment was a reduction in rank to captain and a return to the duty that had served the Federation so well, starship command.

He commanded the Enterprise -A for the next seven years. After a brief shakedown cruise proved the Enterprise -A wasn't quite up to par, Kirk vacationed in Yosemite National Park with Spock and McCoy, while Montgomery Scott attended to the technical problems.

The respite was interrupted after Spock's half-brother, Sybok , raised a small force called the Galactic Army of Light to take over the planet Nimbus III and captured the Federation, Klingon and Romulan representatives.

Kirk and the Enterprise -A responded. Most of Kirk's crew fell under Sybok's influence and joined in his quest to meet " God " by taking the starship through the Great Barrier to the legendary Sha Ka Ree.

The entity they encountered proved to be a malevolent force, imprisoned and looking for release. Sybok joined the entity in combat, sacrificing himself, permitting the Enterprise -A to escape.

Kirk's career culminated in , when the Enterprise -A was assigned to escort Klingon Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for a peace conference.

Kirk opposed the peace initiative Spock covertly negotiated. He especially resented that Starfleet had chosen him to be the Federation's olive branch.

A cabal of Federation and Klingon officials instigated an attack on Kronos One that appeared to come from the Enterprise -A, and assassinated Gorkon.

The Klingons arrested Kirk and McCoy, then tried and convicted them for the murder of Gorkon, sentencing them to the Rura Penthe penal asteroid.

Following his victory over General Chang at the Battle of Khitomer , Kirk saved the Federation president from assassination, and the historic Khitomer Conference continued.

After a final joy-ride on the heading " second star to the right, and straight on till morning, " the Enterprise -A was decommissioned, and Kirk retired permanently from Starfleet.

The event, featuring a media frenzy surrounding Kirk, was little more than a ceremonial cruise, as the Enterprise -B was not yet fully crewed or equipped for regular duty.

Soon after departure, the ship received a distress signal from two Whorfin -class ships transporting El Aurian refugees, trapped in an energy distortion called the Nexus.

With the advice of Kirk, and the help of Scott and Chekov, the rescue mission was a partial success, but the Enterprise -B succumbed to the Nexus' gravimetric field.

Declining Harriman's offer to take command, Kirk volunteered to modify the ship's deflector relays and successfully enabled the ship's escape, but not before a burst of energy from the Nexus breached the secondary hull.

Kirk was lost and presumed dead. Events of revealed Kirk had entered the Nexus, yet unaware of the passing of 78 years due to the non-linear nature of time in the Nexus.

Kirk agreed to leave his idyllic but unsatisfying existence to help Picard punch the deranged scientist Tolian Soran , who was going to destroy the Veridian system.

As Kirk explained to Picard, the main reason he always returned to the command chair of the Enterprise was that it was only there that Kirk could truly make a difference.

He advised Picard to refuse anything Starfleet offered him that would take him away from the current Enterprise , because he would thus lose the ability to make a difference in the universe.

Kirk sacrificed his life to save the inhabitants of Veridian IV , as well as the crew of the Enterprise -D, climbing along a precariously-balanced metal bridge in order to grab the control panel necessary to disable the missile that Soran would have used, the bridge subsequently falling down a steep cliff when its support beams broke.

His last words, spoken to Picard after being assured that he had made a difference, were to comment that his help was the least he could do for the captain of the Enterprise , as well as to assure Picard that " It was In of the alternate reality , Spock encountered the alternate reality version of Kirk on Delta Vega after saving his life.

Spock was surprised to see Kirk who he referred to several times as "old friend" which confused the alternate Kirk as he and the alternate Spock hated each other.

Spock was further stunned to learn that this Kirk did not command the USS Enterprise , rather it was commanded by his own alternate self.

When questioned about his prime self's father, Spock told the alternate Kirk that the prime version always spoke of him as his inspiration to join Starfleet and that his father had lived to see Kirk become captain of the Enterprise , surprising the alternate Kirk by his prime self's command of the ship.

Spock later beamed the alternate Kirk and Montgomery Scott to the Enterprise , instructing the alternate Kirk to take command as the only way to defeat Nero.

Before departing, Kirk pointed out Spock's changing of history as cheating and Spock told him that it was "a trick I learned from an old friend" referring to the prime Kirk.

There the prime Spock told his alternate self that his friendship with his Kirk was one that would come to define them both in ways the alternate Spock had not yet realized and he stayed out of the situation with Nero to enable the alternate Kirk and Spock to see the potential of their friendship taking a similar path.

Spock urged his alternate self to stay in Starfleet and foster that friendship with James Kirk, something the alternate Spock ultimately chose to do.

In , after Spock Prime's death, it was revealed that his belongings contained a picture of him with Kirk, as well as the rest of the bridge crew of the Enterprise -A, in the year of the prime reality.

The alternate Spock discovered this picture and it inspired him to remain in Starfleet following the death of his counterpart and join the crew of his own reality's USS Enterprise instead.

After his personality was split due to a transporter accident in , Kirk was forcibly introduced to the competing elements in his personality, described most roughly as passive and aggressive.

One half of Kirk's dual nature manifested itself in his frequent melancholy about the state of his life: The Wrath of Khan His violent tendencies ranged from his enthusiastic beating of Finnegan to his willingness to provoke Spock.

Appalling, but there, nevertheless. The flexibility of his nature was a large part of his success. The man sensitive enough to tread lightly among gangster Iotians , in the manner of their culture, was the same who saw the plain necessity in destroying the war-computers that were a cultural pillar of Eminiar VII.

Kirk had a strong moral center and devotion to the values he found embodied in the Federation, spending most of his life in its service and defense.

In numerous incidents, he risked his life for causes he deemed just, including his final act on Veridian III.

His confidence in his righteousness sometimes led him to creatively interpret, and outright disobey, his orders.

Kirk embraced the culture and history of his homeland , especially western lore and the life of his hero Abraham Lincoln. Recognizing the document mirrored on the planet Omega IV , he could recite the preamble of the US Constitution from memory.

His extensive knowledge of his ancestral background served him well on numerous occasions. In travels to Earth's past, or on planets mirroring Earth's development, Kirk was able to function and pass himself off as a native of the time or culture with more or less ease.

A charismatic and successful leader, Kirk inspired loyalty from his officers, some of whom spent the bulk of their careers under his command. His command crew risked their careers at his call, conspiring to steal the Enterprise on a mission to save their comrade Spock.

As a commander in his own right, Hikaru Sulu disobeyed orders and attempted to rescue Kirk and McCoy from Klingon imprisonment, later coming to Kirk's aid at the Battle of Khitomer.

After Montgomery Scott's recovery from a transporter loop in , the old engineer's first assumption was that Kirk himself had taken the Enterprise out of mothballs to come to his rescue.

Beyond his command skills, Kirk exhibited a comprehensive knowledge of starship systems. When Ben Finney's sabotage of the Enterprise caused the ship to lose orbit above Starbase 11 in , Kirk managed to scramble up a Jefferies tube to effect the necessary repairs.

After the "planet killer" nearly destroyed the USS Constellation , Kirk directed Montgomery Scott and a skeleton crew to salvage the ship, recovering enough power and control functions so Kirk could pilot the hulk, solo, into the machine's maw.

On several occasions, Kirk displayed his skill in inducing self-destruction in computers and androids by confronting them with paradoxes.

After the Enterprise 's major refit of the early s , Kirk's extended desk-duty showed in his unfamiliarity with the new systems, but he corrected the mistake in the following years.

His last act of was the successful modification of the Enterprise -B's navigational deflector , saving the ship from destruction by the Nexus.

Kirk's historic role as an explorer was rivaled by his reputation for tactical genius. In , a simulacrum of Abraham Lincoln was struck by Kirk's propensity to take the offensive when required.

He asked of Kirk, " Do you drink whiskey? As a means to avoid battle, or to divert his opponent long enough so he could get the upper hand, Kirk frequently "bluffed" or lied his way through a parley.

In two incidents, Kirk used his corbomite gambit. The Wrath of Khan His capitulation to Kruge was a lure to draw the bulk of the Klingon crew to the Enterprise before he ordered its destruction.

The Search for Spock Perhaps Kirk's most intricate, audacious misdirection of an enemy was found in the events leading up to his theft of a Romulan cloaking device in The Romulan incursion of Federation space in led Kirk into a drawn-out cat-and-mouse chase against a commander in whom Kirk found an instinctual rapport.

The Romulan Bird-of-Prey had the ability to render itself invisible as well as delivering a powerful plasma torpedo that nearly overwhelmed the Enterprise.

Both captains used ruses that simulated more damage than actually received. Kirk was able to briefly track the Romulan, by mirroring its movements to simulate a sensor ghost.

Finally, emerging from the camouflage of a comet 's tail, Kirk was able to disable the Romulan vessel.

Before ordering his vessel's self-destruction, the Romulan captain remarked that under different circumstances he and Kirk might have been friends.

The Constellation had been attacked by a huge, ancient device, and the crew evacuated to a nearby planet, which the planet killer destroyed and consumed.

Kirk directed the salvaging of the Constellation and Decker was sent to the Enterprise. Upon return of the planet killer , the unmoored Decker assumed command of Enterprise , endangering it in a useless attack.

Kirk was able to maneuver the Constellation enough to distract the device. Decker was relieved, but stole a shuttlecraft he took into the maw of the device, destroying himself.

Inspired by Decker's mad attempt, Kirk piloted the Constellation to the machine's mouth, detonating the ship's impulse engines and destroying the device.

A textbook example of Kirk's ability to wield the Enterprise against a well-matched opponent was in the encounter with the USS Reliant , a Miranda -class starship commandeered by the Augment Khan Noonien Singh at the Battle of the Mutara Nebula actually a series of two successive engagements in Kirk admitted to getting " caught with my britches down, " at first namely ignoring General Order 12 , which allowed the Enterprise to be crippled by the non-communicative ship's sudden attack , but he used his long starship experience and Khan's own egomaniacal psychology to level the playing field and prevail, though it came at a great personal cost.

Klingons, in particular, recognized Kirk as a worthy opponent. The legendary Kor , frustrated by Organian interference that made battle against Kirk impossible, wistfully surmised, " it would have been glorious " in Captain Klaa believed defeating Kirk would make him the greatest warrior in the galaxy in General Chang reveled in his attack on Kirk at the Battle of Khitomer , until he lost his advantage.

During a visit to the 23rd century , even Lieutenant Commander Worf remarked that it would be an honor to meet Kirk. Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax also commented that Koloth always regretted not getting the chance to face Kirk in battle.

The Undiscovered Country ; DS9: Kirk also appeared fond of — or at least particularly prone to — time-travel incidents, accumulating seventeen separate temporal violations over the course of his career, more than anyone on record.

As a thirteen-year-old boy, Kirk witnessed the massacre of the four thousand colonists on Tarsus IV.

The Undiscovered Country He also had a hidden source of pain that he would not share even with Spock and Dr. In , a M creature nearly killed Kirk.

Succumbing to the effects of polywater intoxication in , Kirk contemplated aloud the heavy responsibility of command, and the price the Enterprise exacted from his personal life: I give, she takes She won't permit me my life.

I've got to live hers. Kirk learned something about his own nature after a transporter malfunction in Kirk was split into two physical duplicates, one intuitive and passive, the other violent and passionate.

While separated, the survival of both personalities were threatened, and a way was eventually found to recombine the two.

The device emptied a victims mind of thought, leaving it vulnerable to suggestion. Adams included conditioning that made him feel love for Dr.

Helen Noel , including deep pain at the idea of her loss. Kirk was able to resist long-term damage from the device. Under the euphoric , enervating influence of Omicron pod plants , the entire Enterprise crew mutinied, abandoning the ship for the planet Omicron Ceti III in Kirk was the last to fall under the influence, but his subconscious anger at the idea of leaving the ship rose to the surface, and broke the pod plant's effect.

Upon his second encounter with the dikironium cloud creature in , Kirk re-experienced the feelings of guilt over his actions in a previous disastrous incident, aboard the USS Farragut.

Exhibiting a single-minded fixation on the destruction of the creature, McCoy and Spock questioned Kirk's emotional condition.

As it turns out, phasers were ineffectual against the cloud creature, thus Kirk learns that he could not have stopped it in their previous encounter and he had nothing to regret.

With the help of his former captain's son Ensign Garrovick , Kirk lured the creature to the planet Tycho IV , destroying it with an antimatter bomb.

Kirk literally lost his mind on two occasions. His mind was displaced into a receptacle in , briefly allowing the ancient being Sargon to live as a corporeal being.

A bitter former lover, Dr. Janice Lester , used ancient alien technology to exchange her consciousness with Kirk's in In , the Vulcan renegade Sybok offered Kirk the chance to "ease his pain", as he had seemingly demonstrated on Spock and McCoy.

The demands of Kirk's career required his best possible health, which Dr. First, everyone else will probably have the same idea, quickly leading to a scarcity of game.

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Available new or surplus, ammo cans come with hinged top that can be removed, a convenient carry handle, and a solid latch that clamps down tight.

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Robert was the second child of Elizabeth Modini Wood who named him Charles after his grandfather and James Langford Stack who changed his name to Robert, after no one in particular.

Even though Robert was born Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. IMDb's Guide to Horror. Related News The Transformers: September Streaming Guide.

Iconic Artifacts at the National Comedy Center. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen?

How much of Robert Stack's work have you seen? Nominated for 1 Oscar. The Movie Ultra Magnus. School's Out Superintendent voice. Zero to Hero Video Narrator voice.

Bob the Narrator voice. Bob the Narrator voice, credit only. Show all 29 episodes.

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